Florida Old Time Music Championship

April 21-23, 2023 at Florida Sand Music Ranch

Florida Old Time Music Championships, Inc.’s mission is to provide a yearly event where (1) the playing of traditional old time musical instruments and the use of traditional old time music styles, (often called Appalachian, Southern Old Time, Midwest Old Time, North West Old Time, Northeastern Old Time, Canadian Old Time, etc.), are honored, supported, and encouraged in a gathering of musicians from Florida and other places, and (2) contests of various old time musical instruments are played by musicians using old time styles, singers using old time styles, and dancers using old time flatfooting, step dancing, or clogging, to recognize their mastery in old time music traditions.


Each FOTMC MemberEach Non-FOTMC Member
Friday Only$15$20
Saturday Only$20$25
Saturday after 5 p.m.$10$15
PreregistrationWeekend$35 $50
Non-Member Children 5 and Under Free with Parent Supervision
Children Members 17 yrs. and under FREE with Parent Supervision
Individual Membership - Each person 6 & over - $10
Family Membership - 2 Parents/Legal Guardians and up to 3 children (6-17 years) - $30
Additional children in family membership - $10 each

For all information visit https://www.fotmc.org/ Email Debby Gilman fotmc.dsbg@gmail.com